Cat Portrait – British Shorthair Kitten in Charcoal

British Shorthair Kitten Gizmo
I have just finished the portrait of British Shorthair kitten “Gizmo”. He was drawn in charcoal, size A5 – so a rather small head study.

I don’t get to do many cat portraits in charcoal so this was fun! Gizmo’s Mum is very happy with the drawing. Gizmo is all grown up now so this is a special portrait for her.

Here’s a couple of scans of the work in progress:

Gizmo drawing pencil outline Gizmo drawing work in progress

New Pet Portraits

I have completed three pet portraits, one is a birthday surprise so I can’t show you yet but there’s a couple I can post.
The first one is a charcoal drawing of a grey mare called ‘Pacha’ (size A4). I quite liked the unusual angle.

Horse Charcoal drawing

The second one is a pastel portrait of a Small Munsterlander called ‘Cora’.

Small Munsterlander dog portrait

Boston Terriers

The pastel painting of the two Boston Terriers called ‘Magic’ and ‘Kiki’ is now finished and their owners love the portrait.

Boston Terriers

I am now working on a cat and a dog portrait, both pastels.

New Pet Portrait Commissions

After a very busy 2015 and only a few days’ break at the end of December, I have been back at my drawing desk for the past three weeks and have completed two pastel drawings and started two more.

The first portrait of 2016 is a pastel head study of blue merle Australian Shepherd ‘Fly’:

blue merle Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd ‘Fly’

The second portrait is a more unusual full body study of ‘Ben’ – a Smooth Collie – in the snow. He was great fun to paint!

Smooth Collie portrait

Smooth Collie Ben in the snow

I have just started two more pastel drawings. One of blue roan Cocker Spaniel ‘Max’, and one of two Boston Terriers called ‘Magic’ and ‘Kiki’.

Cocker Spaniel drawing work in progress
Boston Terriers pencil draft

I have painted Magic (left) before: Boston Terrier Portrait
I will also be working on a last minute birthday portrait for early February in the next few days.

Black Labrador – Charcoal Dog Drawing

Black Labrador Charcoal Portrait

Black Labrador – Charcoal Portrait

Hello there,

I have decided to start posting new portraits on my blog again, as not everyone is on Facebook or Google Plus. So meet ‘Max’, a lovely Black Labrador whose owners describe him as a gentle giant. Most dog portraits are commissioned in pastels so it’s always great fun when I get to draw one in charcoal.
Max’s portrait was commissioned as a birthday present for his ‘Dad’. Apparently, he loves it! :)